Indy Hyundai Community Support

Our dealership is proud to be part of our Indianapolis community, and aim to give back however we can. Indy Hyundai partners with charities, local non-profit organizations and more around Indianapolis as part of the Rohrman Automotive Group's larger initiative to support our community.

If you'd like Indy Hyundai to get involved with your local organization, or are seeking sponsorship for an upcoming event, you can contact our dealership with requests for charitable donations.

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If you're involved with an Indianapolis area non-profit, you're welcome to contact our dealership to request donations. If you'd like sponsorship for an upcoming event, please provide the following info:

  1. Name of the event
  2. Date of the event
  3. Location of the event
  4. A brief description of the event or purpose of the donation

Fill out the below application to apply for a donation. Please provide us with as much detail as you can.

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